Le Volte ’09 Super Tuscan

23 May

Le Volte ’09 Super Tuscan 

This ‘Super Tuscan’ is from the Ornellaia Estate in the Bulgheri region and located on the East coast of Italy south of Pisa and Florence.  The wine is a blend of classic Sangiovese with Cabernet and Merlot.

A ruby-bordering purple color with a nose of red and black cherry and spice, the palate is dominated by forward fruit with a slightly bitter aftertaste, strong tannins and medium acidity. It takes an initial moment to get used to but with a pleasant result. If you took Napa grapes and blended an Italian base wine to accomplish an Italian version of a good California cabernet, this is what you might hope for. While the strong flavors might offset the taster, they are open up and develop well with more aeration and are designed to complement the proper food- a spicy Italian meal, where the wine’s acidity cuts the richness of the protein in classic Italian fashion. Priced from 19-24/bottle, this is the value wine from the Ornellaia Estate and is well worth checking out for an Italian pairing.


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  1. jimvanbergen May 24, 2012 at 11:31 pm #

    On night #2, I reiterate this wine really does well with spicy food. Veggie crudite’ on Jalapeno Hummus and spicy Turkish Salad met this wine head-on and they complemented quite well!



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