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Artisanal Wine, Meet Jaw-Dropping Artisanal Vinegar

22 Nov
As wine aficionados you may also possess a certain palate for quality foods. With the gift giving season upon us, I found this article about shopping for traditional, artisanal Balsamic Vinegar to be especially interesting. Like wine, not all Balsamic Vinegars are created equal.  With that in mind I thought my readers might enjoy this piece from about how to choose a quality balsamic vinegar. It may offer you unexpected revelations!
Wine Fashionista (aka Mary Orlin) is a Certified Sommelier who knows volumes about wine, food, and perfume. In another of her blog posts, I was astounded at the photographs of the barrels from the Leonardi Balsamic Vinegar Farm and the process that is described. I know you’ll enjoy these, too!
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