Hahn Chardonnay 2012

7 Apr

HAH_chard_12_bottleHahn Winery 2012 Chardonnay– Monterey, California. MSRP $14/bottle;  14.5% ABV.

While in Los Angeles on business, I met friends in Pasadena for dinner and found the Hahn Chardonnay on the wine list. I brought it up when discussing wine options to find it was highly recommended by the server as a great choice for our food selections so no further discussion was required!

Color in a dimly lit room was light straw, with an aromatic, citrusy nose. In the mouth, the flavors of green apple, lemon zest, and crisp bosc pear are complemented by a nice tight acidity. This combination was able to stand up beautifully to mexican spices, and paired beautifully with fresh guacamole, grilled vegetables, and fish entrees we enjoyed for dinner, leaving the mouth fresh and ready for the next bite.I was very pleasantly surprised by this wine with the focused fruit flavor, direct delivery to the front palate, expansion on the secondary palate, and vanilla spice finish with a hint of minerality. While it is not for those who want an old-school-California buttery chardonnay, instead this wine shows lots of European chablis and sauvignon blanc attitude without the characteristic aromas. Kudos to the winemaker! A fun white at a very reasonable price, this is an easy add to your repertoire and a crowd pleaser and makes me want to taste more of the Hahn Winery offerings.

à votre santé!



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