#MWWC13- Serendipity, or Destiny?

9 Dec

Serendipity, or Destiny?


Is the joy in life simply destiny, or serendipity? You have to decide for yourself.

Some of my happiest moments have come from sharing time with friends. As we get older, often I find a bottle (or two, or three) of wine involved. For example. just sharing several bottles of wine at #WBC14 was pure bliss to me. Being able to discuss the things we liked, didn’t like, had in common or didn’t share- was incredibly fun.


One of many tasting tables at Wine Bloggers Conference in Santa Barbara, CA.


Going back in time, I met my friend “Duckie” through mutual friends and we quickly became buddies. He’s more playwright than comedian, but everything is a laugh to him and we roared together from the first time we met. His wife Rachel and I also became fast friends in the middle of Central Park while partnering in a combat class where I helped her learn to do a lock and throw (throwing ME, that is), which the asian tourists gleefully snapped pictures from their carriage rides as they passed by.

Years have passed and my entire family are close with Duckie, Rachel and their two adorable, feisty kids, Tornado Daniel and  Amelia Danger (I told you he was a comedian!) So when I arrived at their beach house, we all expected lots of laughter and many bottles of wine, like the one below. Sun, sand, and wine. Yum.


What time is it? Beach House Wine Time! beach house
Morning coffee with some of my favorite wine-drinking buddies.  From left to right: Julia, Michael, Rachel, Jackson, Dante. 

Four good buddies from high school get together for an annual “mancation”, and the wine flows. Special occasions, special wines. No brainer.

Killington Boys copy

3 belles


No lightweight wines among this group.


4 bottles



Hosting wine tastings at my home with friends and neighbors. 16 wines were tasted,  a few of them very nice, top flight wines. But perhaps the biggest impressions were made by the 30 year old Glen Ord single malt, or the  Bottle of 1976 Hennesy XO.  That smile says it all: 

30 yr


After tasting 16 wines, Jimmy Lawlor and John Estep were ready for the vintage liquors!  


A good friend and business associate had a milestone birthday. I managed to bring a bottle of Chateau Margaux ’99 that we drank to celebrate.

HoovHoov hosts a party like no other. A class of his own, and a classic gentleman. 

At a conference in Fort Worth, Texas a few business associate buddies and I cracked open a couple of bottles for a little wine time, to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. I brought some old world and some new world classics, and Dave brought some of his favorites from the Pacific Northwest which I enjoyed thoroughly!



Traveling for work, sometimes you have perfect moments. Do they happen, or do we make them?

summerland a perfect moment with a delightful cab overlooking the pacific

More recently, I find myself with the opportunity to taste wines in the company of other erudite, intellectual oenophiles.


With my buddy Cara Rutherford, aka Buddha In Your Glass. Art critic/historian, oenophile, philosopher, and wine drinking buddy- posing for a pic while tasting a series of delightful, aromatic whiles from New Zealand.

Again, I ask you: Serendipity, or Destiny? I say serendipity. You notice the little delights in life when you are enjoying the big picture and not stressing the small stuff. If it were destiny, it would just be happenstance. Life in itself can offer pleasure and pain, sometimes a fluke. But choosing to make life a good experience by looking at the world with a positive outlook can improve anyones point of view, and open your eyes to see the brilliant, wonderful details we might have missed before.

To all of you, my friends, I toast your health:

à votre santé!

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