Kosher for Passover

1 Apr

I’ve been stopped on the street and asked about this more than twice, so here they are, my approved suggestions for Kosher for Passover wine. You can stay away from the Kedem and Manischewitz and feel comfortable with these, whether you are a seder guest or host. Last year I was introduced to the high end of New Zealand wines, and you’ll see that result below. These are tried and true, and solid choices for your celebration. -Cheers!


Bartenura Prosecco ($16),  creamy and dry, this is ideal for starters, fish, and celebration. And what is this meal but a huge celebration?

Borgo Reale Prosecco ($18) Easy to drink, a crowd pleaser that gets the meal started.
Drappier Carte d’Or Brut ($45) Classic French Champagne for the holiday, a recent kosher for passover cuvée.



Bartenura Moscato ($13) from Veneto Italy, an inexpensive, easy going wine that everyone will enjoy.

Rashi Moscato d’Asti ($13) another Italian delight, but this from Piedmont, and frizzante!

Dry White:

Domaine du Castel, Blanc du Castel (Haute Judee), 2013 ($50)- 100% chardonnay aged 12 months in oak. Taste the terroir!

Goose Bay Sauvignon Blanc ($19) or Oak Aged Sauvignon Blanc ($24), New Zealand’s answer to your prayers. The oaked sauv blanc has depth that will make the chardonnay lovers at the table happy.

Goose Bay Chardonnay ($20) Creamy with crisp fruit, from Marlborough.

Medium Bodied Red:

Borgo Reale Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2011 ($13) Great value on a classic grape that will give you comfort and satisfaction just knowing it’s Montepulciano. 

Goose Bay Pinot Noir ($22) I know, a fourth wine from the same manufacturer. Truth be told, killer value from New Zealand. You’d swear it was a small parcel burgundy, its’ that good.

Pacifica Pinot Noir from Oregon ($25) The best value in American wine right now is from Northwestern Pinot. A perfect example right here, the Willamette valley providing bright fruit and delicate minerality.

Full-bodied Red:

Barons de Rothschild, Haut-Médoc ($34) My annual default red. I buy a bottle every year for the first seder, if only to insure there will be something I want to drink.

Chateau Malartic Lagraviere Pessac Leognan 2005. ($84) Classic left bank Bordeaux, complex flavor profile, with perfect drinking age and good depth.  

Giscours, (Margaux) Kosher ($100) It’s Margaux. Do I need to say more? 

 à votre santé!

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