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Chateau La Prade 2010

14 Jul

Nicolas Thienpont’s Chateau La Prade 2010 Francs-Côtes de Bordeaux; Saint-Cibard, France. %15 ABV, priced between $17 to $24 per 750ml bottle online. Sample provided by Teuwen Communications.

Color is deep, dark violet with a fragrant nose of black cherry, eucalyptus, and cassis. In the mouth, bold dark fruit, notes of berries, cherry, black plum and medium acidity are followed by massive tannins and notes of oak, forest floor, chalky clay and metallic black soil. Medium-long finish. Primarily merlot with some cabernet franc (obviously from old vines), this wine is delicious by itself but beautiful when paired with a savory meal. I served this with beef one night and a classic veal stew the next and the wine paired magnificently both times, outshining an excellent meal to become the focal point.

This bottle did not require much air to open for drinkability and stayed consistent over several days; it is very good now and may stand to improve significantly in 3-5 years as the tannins have time to mellow and the fruit relax into darker notes for an even richer experience. I did not notice the high alcohol content in tasting, but certainly would had I enjoyed more at a single sitting. This is an immediate buy for old-world wine lovers (like me!) and a great comparison wine for those who are more fond of new world red blends.

Chateau La Prade

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