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Thanksgiving Wine: Street Exchange with a Beer Drinker!

19 Nov

I’ve had people tell me “This is Thanksgiving for the REST of us!”
So here you are… Thanksgiving Wine Advice for the Beer Drinkers.

jvb uncorked

I had a funny exchange on a freezing street corner: A co-worker approached me, needing some wine help and at the same time, unwittingly offering me some interesting constructive criticism.
“JvB, you know I’m a beer guy and have no time… or honestly, any interest to read your wine blog. But I can’t go to the liquor store and say ‘gimme a thanksgiving dinner wine’ because I have done that before and they point at a row of stuff that nobody enjoys. I just need enough to sound like I know what I’m looking for, and to choose ONE decent bottle of wine for Thanksgiving. Can ya PLEASE do me a frickin’ favor and give me ONE wine to buy instead of a hundred options?”
I bit my tongue down on my sarcastic reply. His point was immediately taken. This guy actually wanted help, and here I was. I was…

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Special Occasion Wines: JvB UnCorked for Snooth

19 Nov

When it comes to special occasion wines we have to make some tough choices. Old world vs new world wines? Will they open it soon, or lay it down to give it rest and age? Do they even have proper storage? A gift-giver should never expect that a bottle will be opened after being presented, but sometimes it is, you simply never know. The old world wine lover in me wants to gift older Bordeaux, but instead of finding bottles with a decade of age, I most often will choose recent vintages of high end, small-volume, independent California winemakers that will delight lovers of both old and new world wines. 


Modus Operandi Vicarious Red Blend 2011 ($45, MSRP)

Color is an opaque, ruddy purple. The nose shows black fruit, orchid, and clove. On the palate, blackberry, cassis and black plum with vanilla , spice box and a bit of heat. Huge  finish, nice lengthy balance, with toasted oak as the final note, while the tannins squeeze my cheeks to ask for more. A stunning, vivacious red blend in the new world style with nods to old world technique and balance. Aptly named!


Vicarious copy 2


DuMOL Chardonnay 2012 Russian River Valley, Sonoma, CA  (approx $60)

Green-gold in color, a perfumed nose that demonstrates white peach and tangerine. In the mouth, an expansive palate of pear and baked apple with a  touch of citrus is met by bold acidity. Excellent depth and focus, finish offers gentle wood with secondary notes of stone and spice. Just beautifully made and a treasure to enjoy. Pre-allocation makes this hard to find but a joy to experience.


DuMOL copy


This post was originally submitted to and the Modus/Vicarious review can be found here as part of Snooth’s “Special Occasion Wines Worth the Price” 

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