OK! Bordeaux Superior for $10…GO!!!

14 Jul

Chateau La Reine Audry 2010.

It’s a red Bordeaux Blend. Do you like them? Then get some!

I bought this $10 bottle to help fill up an empty space in a mixed case with a couple of super-rare, no-longer available Jura wines from Jacques Puffeney (tangent, sorry). I tasted it at dinner with my brother-in-law, (a doctor who drinks red wine every night) who thought it was the best wine he’d had in a long while. Me, I thought it was a killer value. 

So the next morning, I sent a half case to my dad as a belated Birthday/Father’s Day present, along with a few other things I really wanted him to try. It was a package of great, affordable reds from Spain, France & Italy. But this was the ONE wine I sent him a HALF CASE of. Because I know he is going to love it, and he doesn’t know it’s dirt cheap. (Dad also doesn’t read my blog, and I trust you will NOT tell him!)   

And now I’m sharing this with you, dear readers, out of guilt. Because I also love you, and so many of you adore great buys under $20, and I rarely find really good wines in that price range. When I do, I am often quick to point it out. This time I was lax, and I apologize. So here you are, Loie, Kim, Angela, Lynn- some of my favorite readers who love the bargain pricing? This one’s for you!

Chateau La Reine Audry. Currently listing for around $15/bottle at Astor wines, today’s Bastille Day sale gets you a 30% discount to $9.96! For my West coast friends, The Wine Club in SF also has it for just over $10/bottle. It’s a STEAL at that price. 

What are you waiting for? This delicious red has cassis, red plum, and a ton of tannins. A beautiful bordeaux superior blend that is hard to beat at this price. It’s a 2010. It’s drinking beautifully right now. 

I dare you to find a better CURRENTLY AVAILABLE Bordeaux for under $10.

If you do, I owe you a bottle from my personal stock (my choice, not yours. It won’t be the Puffeney).

Sorry I didn’t take a bottle shot.

ChAudry Edit

My lousy, “I didn’t think this was going on my blog until after I enjoyed it” picture.


La Reine AudryA little more even label shot, photo credit to wine-searcher.com.


à votre santé!

and yes… this one’s for you. But you know I can’t say that without remembering my time mixing monitors for Barry Manilow when he was performing on Broadway right?

7 Responses to “OK! Bordeaux Superior for $10…GO!!!”

  1. topochinesvino August 17, 2016 at 11:20 am #

    I’ll throw a wine in for consideration: Chateau Barreyre, also Bordeaux Superieure. I believe that brand also has a grand crus and appellation-specific wines (Haut-Medoc) at higher prices. But the bottle we purchased (er, I mean, case) was at $10.00 a bottle. Strong wine. Compared nicely with our $150 bottles of cab here in Napa Valley. Check out our California wine country blog at: http://www.topochinesvino.com and follow us if you like what you see.


  2. frankstero July 15, 2016 at 4:25 am #

    I share similar sentiments about Bordeaux – though bargains can sometimes be had with the whites. I think the vintage definitely helped this wine, it was hard to make bad wine in Bordeaux in 2010 (said from a distance, admittedly!)


    • jimvanbergen July 15, 2016 at 8:13 am #

      Agreed! I find it very hard to find whites that I love in a reasonable price range. If you have some good suggestions, I’m all ears! Cheers-

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  3. Please Bring Me My Wine July 15, 2016 at 3:22 am #

    You nearly missed out on a “like” because of the Barry Manilow link! 🙂


  4. Jill Barth July 14, 2016 at 7:19 pm #

    I’ve got Bordeaux on my mind these days. Our #Winophiles French wine blogging group is featuring Médoc/Haut Médoc this weekend.
    We might have to take you up on your challenge! My feature bottle was $20….

    I’m going to hunt down this bottle …better make that plural: bottles!


    • jimvanbergen July 14, 2016 at 8:27 pm #

      Hmmm I have a lot of Médoc in my cellar. 🙂 Not sure any of them could fall into the $10 or under category…it was easy to find this bottle, and at this price, I suggest you get more than 1 bottle! Cheers- JvB

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