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Summer Wine Fun: Stella Rosa Low Alcohol Wine Cocktails

21 Jul

Remember on hot summer days, when people used to ask for a wine spritzer at the poolside bar? They would usually receive a glass of cheap white wine with some soda water, a swizzle stick and a slice of lime thrown in. Well, forget that blast from the past. 

Here are two tasty summer wines you can enjoy at home, poolside, or at the beach. Standard 750ml wine bottles or individual 250ml servings in shatterproof aluminum bottles with a screw-top enclosure, and the price is right. What more do you want for summer fun?

Stella Rosa Platinum, 5%ABV. Street Price: $4/250ml, or  $12/750ml bottle.

SR Platinum

Color is pale straw with gentle effervescence. The nose offers candied apple and sweet apricot. In the mouth, sweet apple, kiwi, and honeysuckle provide the initial rush. The acidity follows with hint of tart lime and dried apricot. Secondary notes of marzipan, cashew and almond gently linger. The finish leaves a hint of candied apple/jolly rancher on the top of the palate with a sweet memory on the tongue while the effervescence resolves with your palate prepared for the next sip.

Stella Rosa Black, 5%ABV. Street Price: $4/250ml, $12/bottle.

SR Black

Color is medium garnet with subtle effervescence, a few clusters of bubbles in the middle of the glass but heavy around the rim. The nose has sweet red plum, cherry jam, and strawberry compote. On the palate, black cherry soda and mixed berry jam lead the pack, followed by a sweet cherry-laced acidity crossing the top palate and leaving a clean finish on the back palate.

On the neck of the bottle just below the cap there is a red band with the following label: “Semi-Sweet, Refreshing and Delicious. Product of Italy” I will agree wholeheartedly. In summer’s heat, sometimes you need or want something other than your usual quaff, and this may be just the thing you are looking for. With far more flavor, character, and sugar than those Bartle and Jaymes Wine Coolers of the 1980s, I expect to see these on golf carts and boats, at the beach, and poolside in years to come as a low alcohol cocktail and mixed drink alternative. Add a piece of fruit if you like- you can serve three of these compared to one glass of  of some of the bar’s popular “fruit bomb” red wines with 15% alcohol. What’s not to like?

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Low Alcohol Wines for the Win! JvBUnCorked on Snooth

29 Mar

Another JvB angle for Snooth.com in their low alcohol wine roundup!
Check our the original article here, with just my content shared here. 

As a precursor, allow me to say this: I love being in a community of great wine writers who all have interesting perspectives! I learn a lot from my fellow oenophiles, and this month I had a bunch of “Yes!” responses when I read their portions, as well as a few “hey, I’ve gotta try that!” reactions. I hope you will too, my friends. What else will you want to know: My suggestion might have the lowest alcohol by volume in our group at a shockingly low 5.5%, but just as importantly, the wine is a delight. I loved the flavor profile both by itself and when paired with Thai, Mexican, Chinese, and Japanese recipes. And check out that cool bottle! I adored the effervescence in this wine, and plan to have more of it in my cellar when I can make some room. Enough- here’s my piece (below), and make sure you reads the whole article (link above) to see the other cool submissions my collaborators suggested! -JvB

Low Alcohol Wines for the Win

stefano d'asti 1

In an age where we calculate and coordinate our gym music playlists with our daily steps and caloric intake, wine is one of life’s greatest pleasure that sometimes gets put on the chopping block, especially when alcohol and calories are all under consideration. So here is my low alcohol solution with a top-level moscato that clocks in at a mere 5.5%ABV. Yes, you read that right, only five-point-five percent alcohol! I Vignaioli di S. Stefano Moscato d’Asti 2014 is a DOCG moscato from the Ceretto winery in Piedmont that is great for both your body and your taste buds. A beautiful color of afternoon sunlight and medium straw, the nose shows effervescence, honesuckle, and orange blossoms. In the mouth, delightful and delicate bubbles give way to ripe pear, clover honey, sweet apple, and tangerine. A single five-ounce glass has only 137 calories, gently sweet yet with enough acidity and bright fruit flavors to cleanse your palate beautifully through an entire meal from appetizer to dessert.

-Jim van Bergen, JvB UnCorked.wordpress.com

stefano d'asti 2


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